January 1, 2008

FarmWife's Year in Review

I was attempting to write a post that chronicled the past year of our lives broken down by months. 2 months, 15 lines, & 20 minutes into it I realized it's just too much to break down...that's why I blog!

So here it is. Quickly...sort of:

  • Blog name changed from Confessions of a City Gal to Memoirs of a FarmWife.
  • First bout of Pink Eye (& many bouts of vomiting, ear infections, & strep throat...sounds familiar doesn't it?).
  • Bump Watch 2007
  • Discovered Bitsy was a girl (thank the Good Lord Above).
  • BabyGirl learned to read.
  • BabyGirl & #1 Son had tubes put in their ears to stop the on going infections.
  • I made a purple bridesmaid dress for Did's wedding...the first and only time I've ever been a bridesmaid. That is until Art ties the knot again & makes me wear yellow.
  • Did actually got married!!
  • We organized the kids rooms...not that you can tell now.
  • I survived the Great Computer Crash of 2007...and was blessed with a new computer from my folks.
  • #1 Son & B.B. had their first sleepovers without me.
  • B.B. was potty trained despite the fact that he is "not a train!"
  • We spent way too much time in the local ER.
  • BabyGirl became a farmer, planting 27 acres of beans with Uncle Gick. They all combined beans this fall.
  • Bitsy arrived safely. She is healthy, beautiful, and perfect.
  • Saw Inkling twice this year...if only briefly.
  • Battled fruit flies.
  • Survived a summer with 3 young kids & an infant.
  • Sent #1 Son off to preschool.
  • Busha got a new knee & Bucka had his heart overhauled.
  • BabyGirl discovered her first loose tooth.
  • I joined the Hot Mama Revolution.
  • Made the trek to QM's realm with all 4 kids in tow on my own!
  • Launched Wha'cha got cookin'?
  • Became obsessed with Ace of Cakes.
  • Chopped off all my hair.
  • Celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.
  • Visited with Little BIL during his month home.
  • Christmased Up.
  • Survived 2007 relatively unscathed.

Happy New year to you all! God bless you!!


Queen Mother said...

That is why you are WONDER WOMAN

Nan said...

I agree totally!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

You've been a busy, busy girl!

Kork said...

OK...I think I need a nap after reading that! And that was just the highlights...

YIKES girl! Hopefully the coming year will bring more HAPPY highlights, and less stressful ones for you!
Lots more love and hugs...

Art the Omnipotent said...

How about me actually getting divorced? I thought that just as miraculous as Did actually getting married. Took about as long.

SJ said...

A lot did happen with you last year.