January 18, 2008


I am alternately overwhelmed & relieved. We are on a path. I doubt it will be an easy one, but it has direction if nothing else. To be told your child may have a disorder is terrifying...but on the other hand, it's wonderful to know this isn't all in our heads. And better than that, we know there are treatments available.


conleyclan said...

it is scary but if this gives you an answer it will be a huge relief. is this something that can be treated with therapy, or do pills have to be taken? josiah has add, which i am very leary of that sort of diagnosis because i think there are too many kids on meds that shouldn't be. but it has truly changed our lives. the first time he took the medicine it was about 30min later and i could tell such a huge difference in him, he had a smile on his face for the first time in a long time, life has been so much easier since. i don't think everyone should be on the meds but i know it worked out for us for good. he does much better in school now and socially. here's hoping things go smoothly with you!

Anonymous said...

sendin up prayers for u