January 18, 2008

The Wonderful World of B.B.

When ever BabyGirl plays pretend with her brothers, the game eventually turns into a warped version of 'house.'  We've had Pirates of the Caribbean house (I'm Elizabeth Swan, the mom.  #1 Son, you can be Will Turner, the dad.  B.B. you can be the baby Captain Jack), Spider-Man house (I'm MJ, the mom.  #1 Son is the daddy Spider-Man & B.B. is the kid Spider-man), Disney Princess house (I'm Cinderella, the mom, you can be Prince Charming, the dad & B.B. can be our baby).  B.B. is inevitably the baby.  He often has no name as the baby, so BabyGirl calls him "Honey." 
Yesterday he wanted #1 Son to play Cars with him.  He hands #1 Son the Lightning McQueen and says, "You tan be da dad and I tan be da honey."
I have an entire collection of pictures on the computer of B.B. & Bitsy labled, "Hey Mommy!  Baby Bitsy and I are so cute.  Take our picture cause we're so cute."  This happens almost daily.
Last night we were at Busha & Bucka's when I asked B.B. if he was still married to Bitsy.  He said yes & I asked him why.  Usually he says, "Because we're in love."  Instead he said, "God is in da sky.  Him tan be everywhere.  Dat's why."
Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention that Bucka did not really have open heart surgery.  According to B.B. he was attacked by a bad skunk.  The same bad skunk scratches B.B. frequently.  It's usually to blame for any injury he has.  He plans on sending his dad to Bucka's to kill the bad skunk.  I wonder if that means Bucka & Busha don't have to worry about their insurance co-pay.


Anonymous said...

rofl..thanks for the little laugh today sweetie..i sooooo needed it.

Art the Omnipotent said...

Yep, I'm waiting for B.B. to grow up. we think so much alike.

conleyclan said...

i am totally amazed because i have never heard of another kid that calls the baby the honey before and zion does it, when we play i am the mommy she is the honey, or she will play with her dolls and she is the baby they are the honey, on and on. i have never heard another kid do it that is crazy!!! maybe b.b. and zion need to meet sounds like they might be soul mates! i love the bad skunk thing, josiah gets most of the blame for stuff at our house. funny thing is he never does anything, he is the perfect child. but a bad skunk is a much better scape goat.