January 9, 2008

Mawage is what bwings us togevah today...

B.B. and Bitsy have just gotten married. At least that's what he told me. He then told me there were not mommies & daddies in this game. Just him & Bitsy & they were going to get married again. He can't go to bed because he has to read Mr.Grinch to her. I don't think she's listening. She's too busy chewing on her pajamas.

When you're getting ready for work or school tomorrow (or getting your kids ready) will you please say a quick prayer for BabyGirl. She's having a horrible time getting ready in the mornings. She gets upset about something & it makes her "itchy." Then she refuses to get dressed. We've had to carry her out the door half dressed every time we've left the house for the past week. It's gone past irritating & moved straight on to I'd-rather-eat-glass-than-get-her-dressed-to-go-somewhere.


Anonymous said...

sending prayers up for baby girl..i wonder where B.B. and Bitsy will go on their honeymoon in this game?

Kork said...

Glad to hear BabyGirl did better this morning...praying it will continue and the root of the issue will appear and be easily undone!

And recommend BB and Bitsy head on over to my house for their honeymoon! They wouldn't ever have to share... ;)