January 7, 2008

Coming Clean

Our Fearless Hot Mama leader, Sarah is having a contest on her blog this week.
She wants us to be honest & let the skeletons out of our closet...but not in an ordinary way. She wants pictures, confessions, and TMI. The prize for spilling your most personal confessions into the ether of blogdom? Sponges. (Get it? "Come Clean"...sponges...come on, ya'll, that's just funny!) She also promises to throw in a gift card to my favorite place on earth. Target. Yahoo!!

In keeping with the coming clean theme, here's my confession (Daddy, you may want to stop reading now...and any other men who may be lurking about. Let's call it "women's problems."):

When B.B. was tiny, showers were hard for me to come by. He, like all my babies was exclusively breast fed & a grazer. I didn't get much time away from him as he felt the need to nurse almost constantly. I cannot count the number of times I'd emerge from the shower to find Husband standing in the bathroom holding a squalling baby. I really think he's scared to be left alone with them until they're weaned.

Subsequently, my showers were hurried and often not truly thorough. I spent days feeling grimy, greasy, and hairy. Since I only shave a few times a week in the summer and once a week in the winter (that's a confession in its self), I was used to the hairy part.

One morning I thought I was in the clear to not only get clean, but squeeze in a much needed shave as well. I was breezing through the task when I flicked the razor over my shoulder to be rinsed in the spray of the shower head. When I did it somehow I managed to nick my nipple with the blade. It took a moment to register exactly what had happened & much longer to figure out just how I'd managed to accomplish it. I realize that my breast are not in the same place they once were, but this was a hazard I'd never seen coming.

Can I just say, cutting your leg while shaving has nothing on slicing your nipple?! And the thought of letting the hobbit I'd just given birth to latch on was nauseating. I had visions of blood running down his chin as he nursed.

In the long run, nursing posed no problems and I healed quickly. But I did consider wearing a bra the next time I shaved.


Ang said...

my stomach just turned..i'm such whoos.

All I can say is YOUCH!!! OUCH!!! you poor thing..

Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

I thought I was the only one!! I've done this too. I guess we got a little carried away with the quick "rinse over the shoulder move" huh? Great confession.

Grace said...

I can't even describe the feeling that just ran from my toes to my scalp...ugh! I think I need a nap now!

Margot said...

Didn't it hurt? I never shaved my nipple by accident, nor do I have children - yet - to be nursed...
But... (of course, there is a "but")... - nothing comparable - I do have rabbits. And especially a tiny one who has nails like razorblades. He's the one who cut one of my breasts when wanting to jump down of the floor. Those nails went right through my blouse and skin and it hurt incredibly. I still have a scar on my breast.
Maybe I should come up with some old warrior story for my man? lol...

Anyway, great confession! Made me shiver a little ;-)

FarmWife said...

Yes it did hurt. Horribly. And Margot, I know all about bunny claws. It's a wonder my arms aren't scarred up from them, but they've never gotten through my blouse. Ouch!