January 22, 2008

Bits & Pieces

There's a commercial on TLC for the newest season of Trading Spaces. They're bringing Paige Davis back to host. I'm thrilled. I love Paige...not the point of my story, though. The commercial came on last night & it BabyGirl watched it intently. At the end they say, "She's here to (blah, blah, blah) and tear out your ceiling fan!" BabyGirl leaped up & shouted, "That's just mean! Why would she tear out people's ceiling fans? They need those. It might get hot in their houses!" I said, "That's just what they do on that show. They redecorate." "Well, it's still mean." I agree. If Hilda Santo Tomas showed up at my door, I'd lock it & call 911. She scares me. I do not need some strange woman gluing straw to my door. My kids track enough of it in on their clothes!


I was heading out the door after tucking the boys in a few nights ago when I heard B.B. holler at me. I asked what was wrong & he said, "On my birf-day, my cake wants a be blue & my tandles wanna' be red." OK, Bud...your birthday isn't for 9 months, but I'll keep that in mind.


We had pizza for lunch. After he was done eating, #1 Son asked if I would give Bitsy some pizza. I told him she wasn't big enough for pizza yet. He said, "You can put it in her sucky thing & she can eat it!" (The sucky thing is a mesh Baby Safe Feeder. I put bananas in it yesterday for her & he was fascinated.)


Friday night I went to round the kids up for bedtime stories only to find B.B. tucking 3 stuffed animals into his bed. As he followed me from the room, he turned & pointed all 4 of his fingers at his bed (a signature B.B. gesture) and sang, "Good night my beautiful babies!" Precious.


Grace said...

There's usually discussion going year 'round about who's gonna take what to school for their class party. D.K. has taken jello jigglers every single year, and Prophet always takes scotcheroos. Of course, right now we're in the midst of planning a huge party for D.K. and Bee together at the YMCA. They each get to pick a dessert and they've each changed their minds at least five times so far!

Grace said...

Oh yeah, I forgot.... we had one of those mesh thingys when Prophet was a baby and they were fairly new. I hated the thing. Back then they were made of fabric and got really gross! The concept was really cool though!

Nan said...

I loved Paige Davis when she was on Trading Spaces.
I'm with BabyGirl about the ceiling fans. We've got four! We love them!

And Hilda Santo Thomas, wasn't she the one that did that blue and white grid on the walls of one couple's basement? I saw the straw stuck to the walls space she did, too. Yuck, Now that's just mean to to that to someone.

Your stories about your kids are precious. I know someday they'll treasure them.