January 23, 2008

When Coyotes attack

I knew when we moved to the country that coyotes might be a problem. They don't normally come close to people, but I knew they could become pests. Never in a million years did I imagine they would break into my house & wreak havoc on my children's rooms. This is very disturbing.

In the past 2 weeks they've sneaked in & trashed the bedrooms at least 3 times. Last night they destroyed BabyGirl's bed room, the boys' bed room, & stripped B.B.'s underpants off his back side. Then they emptied his underpants drawer and hid the contents under his bed. Somehow I never saw a thing, but B.B. saw it all. He told me.

Now I'm wondering how to keep them out. Locking the doors doesn't seem to work. Anyone have any advice? I'm considering bars on the windows & a security system...or hiring minions to patrol the perimeter of the house. Then later I can use them in my evil plot to take over the world.

Busha had gremlins when we were kids. I have wild dogs. Go figure!

In other news...I have a picture of the kids as my computer wall paper. It's adorable & they love seeing themselves on the 'puter. #1 Son has recently decided he wants to play old Nintendo games on the computer, so he's very interested in everything that goes on with it. This weekend he looked at the picture & asked his dad, "What happens if you click on Bitsy?" Husband didn't miss a beat, "Her head explodes." You could see #1 Son wondering if his dad meant it would happen for real, or just on the computer. I'm pretty sure his next question was going to be, if Bitsy's head will explode, what will mine do?

B.B. is watching Jonah the Veggie Tales Movie. He just told me that he's Jonah, Bitsy is the baby Jonah, and I can be the mommy Jonah. This boy is something else.

Last night I put Bitsy in her swing in the kitchen so she could watch while I did dishes (she's not real happy when I'm out of her line of sight this week). I was talking to Art on the phone when I turned to see her holding her "sucky thing" and a chunk of banana. I was rather surprised as I didn't give it to her...and it wasn't put together properly. I looked in on the kids watching TV & said, "Who gave Bitys bananas?" Of course it was B.B. He got the feeder off the counter, put a chunk of banana in the mesh bag, tried (unsuccessfully) to screw it together, and gave it to the baby. She had worked the bag off & fished out the banana & was having a blast with the whole mess.

I had to take the feeder away from her, strip her down, put her in her high chair, put more banana in the feeder, and give it back to her...but as soon as I took the banana piece & the feeder out of her hand she started screaming. B.B. started yelling at me, "Mommy!! Dat's bad! Why did you take Baby Bitsy's 'nana way from her? Her wants dat 'nana. Dat wasn't good of you. You're making her sad. Give it back to her, Mommy!! Stop being bad to Baby Bitsy!" That's just the evil coming out in me again.


Anonymous said...

oh my BB is quite the little man isn't he..As for coyotes in the house..good luck..I inherrited a wolf pack..can't seem to get rid of them even with cat's and dog.

conleyclan said...

i love your family!! oh to be a fly on the wall, your husbands response was hilarious! don't be so mean to your kids they deserve a gooder mommy!

Kork said...

Coyotes?!?! Holy cow am I glad we live in "civilization"...

I was thinking...what if you set up special "coyote snacks"...that way the coyotes would eat the snacks and be tired, so they wouldn't tear everything apart...

That is the best story...I love it.