December 12, 2007

Somehow or other, it came just the same.

In an attempt to Christmas up, I've not only decorated for Christmas, ate half a bunt pan of monkey bread on my own, and taken a few pictures, but I'm also sharing them with you. I will keeping the Grinch at bay.
See that darling little thing proudly wearing her favorite giraffe sweater & smiling for all she's worth? That is yours truly circa 1980. The picture isn't clear because I don't own a scanner...sorry. You may notice that my fingers are twisted in a very uncomfortable way. As thrilled as I was with the idea of seeing Santa, I always locked up once faced with the real thing. I'd set on his lap, smile for the picture, but my mind went blank when asked what I wanted. (Have you ever seen A Christmas Story? Yeah, like that.) I could only ever squeak out that I wanted a doll...never the full name of the fancy doll I'd picked out that talked or peed or sang, or the Easy Bake Oven I coveted for years. I loved Santa, but couldn't talk to the man.

This is BabyGirl's complete collection of Hallmark Jewelry box ornaments. They finished the series this year. She's beyond proud of them.

While this may not be the Trifle Inkling had in mind, I think it's cute. I don't trust glass ornaments on my tree with the kids around. We had a few break the last time I put them up. Now I fill my trifle dish with them & the "popcorn & cranberries" garland I made a few years back. The train belongs to one of the boys. They both have one from Busha & Bucka for their first Christmases. They can hang on the tree, but again, don't trust them there.
This last one I may post on Nudge-Nudge even though I didn't make it. It's a glass block (like the ones used in bathrooms). There's a hole drilled in the back & white lights strung through it. Then the big wired bow glued on top. A co-worker of Daddy's made it for us. They swap grandbaby stories, and he sent it up with QM & Daddy a few years back. I adore it!
Now it's truly looking like Christmas around here. And incase you're wondering about the title, I can recite most of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. #1 Son wants it read to him year round.


a wandering heart said...

So festive!!! That ice cube is pretty neat.

Grace said...

I just made one of those ice block things a few weeks ago at the Advent Celebration at church!