December 13, 2007


He's home. As of sometime yesterday afternoon. The doctor said there was a bad storm coming in & he wanted to get Bucka home before it hit. Apparently Doc has a different weather channel than the rest of us. All we've gotten is some rain. It's cold & dreary, but nothing particularly dangerous. It may snow tomorrow night & Saturday, though, so maybe it's a good thing.

The doctor said they aren't doing anything for him at the hospital that can't be done at home, so he's really better off at home. Less chance of infection, or flu, or staph....the biggest concern was the length of the trip home, but Bucka was ready, so off they went. He got home & went straight to bed.

QM is staying with Busha & Bucka to help out as long as she's needed. This morning she said Bucka slept well last night, & had gone back to bed for a nap. He doesn't want to take his liquid insulin, but my Aunt K (who's diabetic as well and had the same surgery last year) has told him he must take it. Here's hoping he listens! :)

Please keep praying for him, and know that your prayers are being answered!


Margot said...

I'll keep praying for him...
Sorry about the long silence... I'm going to Belgium to see my grand-mother next monday.
I keep thinking about you all!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

a wandering heart said...

Praying for Bucka!!!