December 18, 2007

Riding the wave that is my life...

There have been some interesting comments about my Irate Mom post. You may want to go read them. I'm attempting to check on their authenticity. (Updated: The responses are genuine. I just recived an email from Mr. O'Neal. I'm very pleased with the response I've gotten to this post & the email. It just goes to show speaking up can be productive.)

The furnace is working perfectly now. I'm warm. I'm happy. Last night I was cold & not happy. And the second night of no sleep wasn't a good thing. It's tough to get REM sleep on a couch with 4 small children in the floor next to you (well, one was in the play pen & then in the sleeping bag with me when it got too cold), and a husband who had to get up every 45 minutes to restock the fire place. The kids are constantly asking to camp out in the living room. Once it became a necessity, they were no longer happy about it. Go figure.

Bitsy has discovered the wide world of rice cereal. And now she stinks!! I'd forgotten that special side effect of "solid" food. Not only does she stink, but now she has to work to poop. Some day she'll be so happy that I shared this information with all of cyberspace.

Does anyone want to come wrap gifts for me? There aren't a vast amount of them, but I'm not the best gift wrapper in the world...and my back always hurts the next day. Maybe I should wrap them on the kitchen table instead of the living room floor.

Oh, and if you're looking for a good time (a nice clean good time), come by the school Friday at 8:30. It's the second annual Christmas Talent show...complete with Cousin J dressed in drag. RL said he's going to be Hannah Montana. I must say, that's the biggest reason I'm going. Forget the first grade singing about batteries, I'm there for the cross dressing seventh grade boys! That doesn't sound right.


Nan said...

I'm glad you took the time, as busy as you are, to let the station know that people care about what their little ones see. I'm sure the station appreciated your input. That letter was brilliant, by the way!

I've still got packages to wrap, too. I'm going to use plain brown parcel paper and let Eliza stamp it for me.

Kork said...

Please Please PLEASE post pictures of Cousin J as Hannah Montana...I must admit that is the ONLY Disney program for "young adults" that I can actually abide! Besides, that Miley Cyrus can sing!

And Farmie, why exactly are you wrapping on the floor?!?!?! Good grief girl, swipe the stuff off the kitchen table for a while, and wrap up there...much better for you AND the packages.

Well, I'm off to update my own cyberworld!