December 19, 2007


Being practically famous is exhausting. Either that, or it's the total lack of sleep over the course of the last 3 days. I think my children are conspiring against me. They have a system worked out to keep me awake 2/3 of the night.

B.B. was not markedly better today after 5 days of antibiotic, so I took him to see our NP. She put him on new med. and said he also has an ear infection. BabyGirl just told me she has a head ache & her throat is hurting a little. I've had about enough of this! Bitsy is fussy & has been spitting up for the past 2 hours (no vomiting, but a lot of spitting up).

Where can I go to tender my resignation?


conleyclan said...

i am the youngest of 4 children and my mom would resign on a regular basis! it never really stuck though!

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry they are conspiring against's time to write a letter to santa and ask him to take you to the north pole pdq

Kork said...

Hmmmm...conspiracy huh? Better separate them (send them to various relatives), that way they can't take it to the next level...
And that resignation? No one will accept it...they'll all laugh at you...better keep that one in!
Lots of hugs!!!