July 12, 2013

I have a theory.

I am beginning to believe that I black out on a regular basis. I lose consciousness and another person takes over my body much like those ever popular soap opera cases of multiple personality disorder.

Why do I think this? Because there is obviously someone other than me parenting my children. Someone who loves it when they bicker and fight. Someone who immediately caves in at the first sign of tears. Someone who gives in to whining on a regular basis.

If this weren't the case, my darling children, who have lived with me the entirety of their little lives, would have certainly figured out that whining is a sure fire way to make this mother dig her heels in. Asking me the same question 14 times is not going to get you a different answer. And changing to a cry or whine while asking time number 15 is definitely not going to work in your favor.

Because they continue to do these things, I am certain that my mind is regularly overruled by this other, hidden personality who consistently caves in to such obvious, and pathetic attempts at manipulation. Otherwise the FarmHands would have given it up years ago.

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Kork said...

This must be a very common issue among parents...I, myself, believe I suffer the exact same issue of a hidden personality...
Somewhere, deep inside, is this other me that will obviously give up when "please!" is screamed, whined, shouted, or sobbed 579 times in a row...

Perhaps we could enroll in a subsidized study wherein we would be handsomely compensated for our participation, at the same time, receiving therapy for ourselves and behavioral modification for our children????