July 6, 2013

Countdown City

You may (or may not, depending on your preference) remember last summer's round of hospitalizations and recovery periods. I do. I doubt I'll forget them soon. They were not pleasant. But they did give me lots of time to catch up on reading. One that really stands out is Ben H. Winters' The Last Policeman: A Novel. It's one that was sent to me by my dealer supplier friend in publishing, Eric. If you don't remember it, you can click here to read my review.

This summer Eric has come through yet again by hooking me up sending me the second book in Mr.Winters' trilogy.

Countdown City tosses us back in where The Last Policeman left off. Hank Palace is out of a job. The Concord detective force has been disbanded as the world counts down the last 77 days before the impact of the asteroid that will wipe out most of the life on earth. When the husband of Hank's old babysitter  disappears, she begs Hank to find him. But how can you find someone when everyone and their brother has gone "bucket list," committed suicide in a back alley, or run off to New Orleans and you're left behind with no phone service, internet, gasoline, or electricity? Especially when that someone might not want to be found?

Once again, Ben Winters has sucked me in to the oddly optimistic mind of pre-apocalyptic Hank Palace. And once again, Ben Winters had left me on edge wanting needing to know what's coming next.

The second novel in the critically acclaimed Last Policeman trilogy,Countdown City presents a fascinating mystery set on brink of an apocalypse--and once again, Hank Palace confronts questions way beyond "whodunit." What do we as human beings owe to one another? And what does it mean to be civilized when civilization is collapsing all around you? -Goodreads Review

Countdown City hits stores on July 16th. You can pre-order it on Amazon now. I would......if I didn't already have it.

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