April 8, 2013

Why I am happy.

 It didn't take much. Just a little "puppy love."  Meet Sadie (middle name yet to be determined).

No, she's not a Great Dane. To be honest I'm not entirely sure what all she is. We know she's a Mastiff, but what type of Mastiff is yet to be determined. 

I was browsing Craigslist pets on Saturday and she popped up. The post said she was 10 months old, good with kids and other animals but that they didn't have the room for her to run. After a few (thousand) questions from me and an address from her, Husband was off to pick her up.

We don't have much information on her. The lady we got her from had only had her for 3 months. She (#2) got her from a man (#1) who had her a few months and he got her from someone in or near Chicago. #1 claimed she was registered but that he lost her papers when he moved. He said she was a full blooded English Mastiff. The problem there is English Mastiffs are not blue. Sadie is most definitely blue. There is debate on whether or not blue is a very rare recessive gene.

I have no idea why #1 gave her up. #2 said they didn't have room for her to run. So we are her third home (not including the breeder's home) she's been in. She's only 10 months old. That makes me sad.

Sadie is such a sweet girl. I was a bit worried that she would be hard to handle or have behavioral problems from being shuffled around so much, but that is not the case at all. She sits, lays, and shakes on command. She comes when called and we've been working with her walking on a leash. The first day holding her on the leash was a struggle but that had more to do with new surroundings and wanting to explore than with actually pulling on the leash. Today she did a great job on her leash.

She barks at cars that come up the drive and new people who wander up (which is exactly what I want) but settles down as soon as the car is parked or the person is obviously supposed to be here (again, exactly what I want). She spend most of the afternoon laying on my feet in the yard or rolling over to have her belly scratched. She let the kids love all over her and with the exception of a few excited jumps as soon as they ran to her after the bus, she followed them around and watched them play.

I think I'll sleep better now knowing we have a four legged protector again. I only hope QM learns to love her (I promise, Mom, she's not all slobbery and icky). 

Me (yes, that's really me) trying to get Miss Sadie to stand up so we could see how tall she is. She was tired and just wanted the treat that's in my hand so she could lay back down and be lazy.

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Kork said...

She looks like a Bullmastiff - she reminds me of my Rocco with the shape of her head and lines...but she could be part Neopolitan - they are sometimes Blue...