April 2, 2013

Why I'm sad.

As many of you already know, we lost Bonpas (our Great Dane) the week before Thanksgiving. I miss her tremendously. She was such a loving and protective friend to all of us. Her death broke my heart.

Husband immediately started looking for another Dane for me. In the meantime his cousin had a litter of Huskies and we decided to bring the only girl home with us. Sasha is full sister to our Misha and the two get along perfectly. She's a poly, playfull little thing and I adore her but there's still a giant floppy eared hole in my heart.

I miss being a leaning post for a dog that weighs as much as I do. I miss having a long body stretched out in front of the back door every night. I miss knowing that even though Danes are notorious for being big babies that she was intimidating to strangers and therefore kept us safe from unwanted company.

The QM came to stay with the FarmHands when Art and I went to the wedding last month. When I came home she said, "You need to get another Great Dane. I couldn't sleep without Bonpas sitting on the back steps." I should point out that I'm pretty sure QM rolls her eyes every time we get a new pet. But she's with me on this one.

I've even named my next girl. She'll be Harlow after Jean Harlow. It struck me one day and I knew it was the perfect name for a leggy girl even if she's not a platinum blonde.

A few weeks ago I saw an ad for Dane/Standard Poodle pups. The idea intrigued me and the pictures I found were too cute for words. The only problem was the breeder wanted $300 to $800 for her pups. I'm sorry, but I'm not spending $800 on what is technically a mutt.

Yesterday Husband checked local Craigslist and found a beautiful black and white girl who was half Dane half poodle for $150. I emailed the owner immediately only to find out we were too late. Someone was coming after her in just a few hours. The post had only been up 45 minutes. I left my name and number with the owner in case the people never showed or changed their mind, but I was out of luck.

I've been bummed about it ever since. Miss T at work tells me that just means my dog is still out there somewhere. I hope she's right.

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