April 10, 2013

Pleasantly Surprised

When you bring a new puppy into a home you never know how things will go.  A young puppy can be coddled and easily influenced.  An older pup or a grown dog can be a bit more difficult. Make it a half grown pup who's been in at least 2 previous homes and weighs nearly as much as I do and it could be a rather difficult road to travel.

I knew that when we brought Sadie home.  But I also knew I needed a protector and she needed a real home.

Much to my delight, Sadie is a darling. She loves to lounge on my feet (which can be a bit painful at times), have her belly scratched, and tuck her head under my legs while I sit on the swing. She follows Husband around the yard while he does his chores. She lets Bitsy lay on her and give her hugs. She loves having the FarmHands around to entertain her. She barks at every passing vehicle. She takes her task of guarding us very seriously. She's not at all aggressive but her bark is enough to scare off anyone who wanders up that doesn't belong here.

Husband and I were sitting in the swing today discussing her while she lounged underneath our feet. We are both so happy with how good she is and how gentle she is (I had just spent 20 minutes sitting in the grass with her head in my lap) and why anyone would want to get rid of her. Maybe she didn't house break easily. Maybe living in town and her need to alert you to all traffic was hard to deal with. Maybe having a large dog with a penchant for eating sticks didn't work well indoors. Maybe they weren't prepared for the massive amount of food a large dog can eat. I really don't know.

All I do know is that I'm glad she's come to us.

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