April 20, 2013

Because bragging on Facebook isn't enough.

When I was preggers with BabyGirl we decided to get a cheapo Walmart pressed wood bookcase in which to store all her baby paraphernalia. Being 7 months pregnant and hormonal I had a toddler-esque moment of, "I can do it myself!" 30 minutes into the process I discovered I'd put the shelves together backwards and Husband had to come tear it apart and start over.  That was the beginning and end of my dreams of becoming the next Amy Wynn Pastor.

For the past year I've been dreaming of a gianormous bookcase in which to gather all the wayward books that live on The Farm.  My Daddy is going to build me this monstrosity. It's going to be beautiful and crammed full of every bound copy of literature I own. When that happens, the Amish built cabinet that currently houses most of my books will become home to the collection of DVD's that seem to be multiplying of their own accord in the two tiny cabinets in my entertainment center.

Unfortunately my Daddy had shoulder surgery this week and will be out of commision most of the summer. Not really a big deal since I've already waited a year (and haven't bothered to give him the measurements of the case I want him to build). But the DVD situation was getting dire.

Our DVD collection has grown from one small stack in one side of the entertainment center to 8 total rows in  basically a box built for 1 row. They're stacked 2 tall and 2 deep. Without fail, the FarmHands need to watch something on the bottom of the back row every time they're told they can pick out a movie. Every time.

The digging and resulting mess of DVD cases drives me batty!

Today I decided it would come to an end. I bought a second cheapo Walmart pressed wood bookcase this morning and hid it in the back of the van until Husband left for work. I brought it in and assembled it myself (got it right on the first try, I might add) and then realized it was about 3 inches wider than the wall I want it to live on. Crap.

Undaunted I grabbed a tape measure and headed into the boys' room where the original CWPWB (cheapo Walmart Pressed Wood Bookcase) currently resides. Turns out, it fits perfectly in the designated space.

So #1 Son and I switched them out and I filled them up.

 Above is the newly FarmWife assembled CWPWB complete with much more of the boys' collection of books, Legos, and Happy Meal toys than ever fit on the old one (it's amazing what 3 inches of space can do).

And below is the old case newly filled with the majority of the FarmHands' favorite DVD's organized in the only way that can really make me happy: by category.

  • Pixar
  • Disney
  • Muppets
  • Dreamworks
  • Twilight Saga
  • Indiana Jones
  • Marvel Heroes (subgroups being X-Men, Spider-Man, and The Avengers)
  • Narnia
  • Lord of the Rings, etc.

Now, who wants to start off the pot by guessing just how long the two shelves will stay the way Mama wants them to stay? I've got a tenner in for 48 hours.

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Kork said...

Really? 48 hours? I've got a $10 on them being DECIMATED before lunchtime yesterday - Sunday - right after Church... :D