January 27, 2013

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's back to work I go.

In the morning I'm going back to work after my 3 days off with the flu. That's 3 work days off plus 2 days of the weekend, so 5 days total. Normally that would be sufficient time for me to recover from what ever illness has laid me up and allow me to function as a human being again, but this time I fear that's not the case.

I should have known. I've had a rough year. I've had surgery. I've been hospitalized. I've had rather invasive testing done. I'm not 19. 5 days off with 4 kids are not the same as 5 days off with out responsibility. Recovery isn't going to come as easily as it once did.

I am beginning to see the wisdom doctors had 100 years ago when they sent their patients to Sanatoriums or to the beach or desert to recover from a long illness. This was not a long illness by any stretch but I could use a few weeks of recovery time.

Unfortunately that is not the world we live in any longer. Heck, it was never the world I would have lived in to begin with.  We are not the go-to-the-sea-side-to-take-the-waters kind of people. We're more the go-to-the-barber-to-have-that-abscess-drained-and-immediately-return-to-the-button-factory kind of people. Besides, I do like my penicillin.

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