January 26, 2013

It's A Whole New Flu!

I feel like one of those magazine makeovers gone horribly wrong. Instead of an All New You! I've ended up with an All New Flu! And let me tell you, even Cosmo couldn't sell this one.

BabyGirl came down with the lovely bug from the pit of Hell just under 2 weeks ago.  She woke up on a Thursday with a low fever and an upset stomach. My knee jerk reaction was, "OMG! THE FLU!" but Husband, who is normally much calmer in certain situations, said to wait and see.

So I waited all night.....and I was right. It was flu. I loaded up the girls and took them to see our new NP who promptly put the entire family on Tamiflu.  Well, at least she tried. The kids scripts were all fully covered  (once I hunted down a pharmacy that actually had the medicine in stock- can I just say dragging a child so sick she's threatening to pass out all over town looking for medicine that while my boys are probably infecting family members 15 miles away and I've been on the run since 5:30 in the morning is not the way to spend an afternoon? I'm going to say it anyway) but Husband and I were going to cost over $200.  I decided that was a bit much to spend on a preventative.

I was wrong.

It would have been so very worth it.

BabyGirl was up and going by Wednesday. I, on the other hand, have been in my bed since Tuesday night.  Well, in my dreams I have been. In reality I spent about 2 days there then Husband went back to work, Bitsy came down with a 24 hour stomach bug, and I had to move my base of operations from the bed to the couch.

Things are not pretty around here.

We are on a slow decent into chaos.

Actually, it's not been that slow. It's been more like riding The American Eagle.

Husband will be here. He will make sure everyone is fed and dressed and out the door to school and life is golden, or as golden as it gets when your temperature is hovering around 101.3 and you feel like your spinal column is trying to escape from your back of it's own volition. We will happily climb to the highest heights watching the world spin away beneath us. Then something will happen.  Someone will touch a sibling.  Someone will get to play 7.3 seconds longer on the Wii than someone else. Someone will decide they need to sing while everyone else watches The Avengers and suddenly we've gone as high as we can go.  A rapid, terrifying decent commences.  There's screaming. There's crying.  Hands fly up in the air. People bargain with God and a certain heavily medicated mother goes bat crap crazy on everyone in a 3 mile radius.

The CDC was right.  Flu shots do save lives. The lives of FarmHands left alone with a mother too sick to deal with their normal shenanigans.

So get those flu shots people. Do it for the children.

And yes, as a matter of fact, I am suffering from a serious cold medicine hangover. Why do you ask?


Pam said...

We never used to get the flu shot. Baby brother came & had asthma & dr said everyone in house had to have the shot. Dad & older brother refused until 2 weeks ago Monday, but the rest got our shots on 12/5. None of us have been sick. I am a big believer in the shot!!

Kork said...

boo! I'm sorry things are so icky at your place...hang in there, and this WILL pass...and all of the 'Hands will make it through. It'll be a good time for one of those "talks" afterwards...but you can do it.
Praying fast healing and recovery, and a house-cleaning fairy will come and save you...

Lots of love my dear!