October 5, 2012

To Explore Strange New Places (TMI)

I'm having strange places explored on Monday.  Places no man has gone before.

Remember that lovely bout with colitis I had a few months back?  The one that landed me in the hospital for 4 days?  The one that ruined my all too brief weekend visit with Art?  The one that made me miss my kids showing their Rabbits at 4-H fair & seeing them auction off their bunnies?  Yeah, that one.  Well, that bout has made my doctor decide he really needs to get a good look at the entire length of my large intestine.

When I was in the hospital Doc did a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy.  That only took him about 1/4 of the way through my colon and the results were inconclusive.  Nothing really showed him why I was writhing in pain and why my colon lit up like a Christmas tree on the CT scan.  The most intense pain was located in my Ascending Colon and he's been itching to get in there and get a good look at it ever since.  Unfortunately the Ascending Colon is well past the quarter point of the lower intestine.

Lucky me, Monday is the day he's picked to take peek at my innards.

It's not the colonoscopy that worries me.  I'll be unconscious.  And even if I'm not, one of the medications they give you has an amnesic effect meaning I won't remember anything even if I'm not entirely asleep.  I'm so very OK with all of that.

What I've worked myself into a tizzy about is the day before prep.  The idea of ingesting that much of any type of laxative in that amount of time is not something I look forward to....especially when Harvard Health says, "you’re going to be experiencing high-volume, high-velocity diarrhea." 

So, any prayers would be appreciated not only for a good outcome of the test, but for an easy prep the day before. 

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Penny said...

everyone I have ever talked to that had this test all agree the day before is the worst part, but that it is not all that bad overall...so prayers for a no so bad experienc with the stuff on Sunday and Monday will go fine!!
take care...