August 13, 2012

I never should have opened my big fat mouth.

Just when I thought this summer was at it's super sucky pinnacle- the climb got a little higher.

BabyGirl fell off her cousin's ATV this afternoon and broke her wrist.

We were going to have an overlap of about 20 minutes between Husband leaving for work & me getting home (this was my second day to work this year, but the first day of my official full time job) so we asked J if he could keep the kids for us.  About 30 seconds after I pulled into the drive totally exhausted, and in serious need of a few minutes of downtime, J pulled in to the back yard on his 4 wheeler.  BabyGirl was crying and cradling her arm.  Apparently they were going up a hill and she rolled off the side.  She tried to break her fall with her hands.

After Rachie looked at it (she's our resident RN), I took BabyGirl to the ER.  There must have been a memo that went out that said everyone in a 75 mile radius should come on into the ER this afternoon.  Every bed was full.  In fact, BabyGirl started to pass out in the waiting room (something she's prone to do) and they could only put her in a wheel chair in the ER hall way.

After 3 hours, an x-ray, splint, sling, and ice pack they sent us home with instructions to take her to see an orthopedic doctor as soon as we can.

The break is not bad.  Her arm is cracked just below the wrist.  The break didn't separate and the doctor said he thinks it will heal nicely but they want a specialist to be the one to make the decision on a cast.

Prior to all of this Baby, the cat that B.B. has had since he was 18 months old, died.

I'm so over this summer.

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Layla said...

Crap and a half!!! I'm so sorry about her wrist and the kitty. :( And I'm SERIOUSLY hoping that fall is better for you guys.