June 11, 2012

We need showers of blessings.

After spending the weekend sitting in a hot house with gripy kids I decided it was time to call the doctor & ask him about this swimming business.

Today he gave me the go-ahead to get in the pool with the kids.  Not exactly to swim- more just to lounge on my floaty and supervise the FarmHands....and then it started raining.

In case you haven't heard, the Midwest (Illinois and Indiana in particular) is in the midst of a drought.  I think Husband said we're 15 inches behind on rainfall for the year.  All the farmers were thrilled when the ground warmed up enough for them to be in the fields in early March.  We heard lots of, "We can get the wheat out & put beans in for a bumper crop," but unfortunately the total lack of rain has put a serious stop to that.  In fact, beans planted on time are now baking in the fields.

I pray we get a decent amount of rain soon, even if that means I'm out of the pool for another week or so.


Kork said...

I'd rather have baked beans straight from the field than the raging inferno just 20-some miles from my house!

FarmWife said...

Kork, Wildfires are one of the things that worry me with this lack of rain. I know they might not compare to what's going on in the Western part of our country, but they are a serious possibility in my neck of the woods, too.

And the thought of another dust bowl phenomenon isn't comforting either.

Baby Baskets said...

Mother Nature is a funny thing. We had drought warnings here in the UK and then hose pipe bans were put in place. Then, literally a few days later, the heavens opened and haven't really stopped. Majority of the hose pipe bans have been lifted. WE just need some nice sunshine now.
The rain will come, nature has a way of balancing things out.