June 8, 2012

Proving once more that I am a mean mother.

Summertime on the Farm means days on end spent splashing and playing and fighting about the splashing and playing in our pool.  It's not a huge pool, but it's decent sized.  It's a do-it-yourself deal from Walmart. It's big enough for us and we love it.

Husband and the kids spent hours this week getting the grass pulled out of the sand patch, the tarp laid just so, the pool assembled and finally filled. The filling takes most of 2 days and all of one night....and a really long hose.  I was recuperating indoors so I wasn't available to help.

Now I realize I also won't be able to enjoy the pool.

Yesterday I went to see the surgeon to have my stitches removed and my one week out check-up.  After swapping stitches for steri-strips, he told me he doesn't want me bending over or lifting anything over 20 pounds until I see him again in three weeks.  Much to Bitsy's chagrin, the steri-strips and scab are keeping me land locked for the time being. I need to stay out of the water until my incision is completely healed.  She has spent most of the day trying to convince me I can just lounge in my papasan in the pool.  "It's not swimming, Mommy.  It'll be OK."

Unfortunately, Mom's unplanned abdominal opening also means the highly anticipated trip to Holiday World has been put on indefinite hold.  I can hardly make it through a trip to the grocery right now.  A full day spent walking around an amusement park and hurtling down water slides is entirely too much for me to imagine let alone attempt.

As we were on the way home from town today, Husband and I were discussing New Harmony, IN, where we spent our very brief honeymoon.  I said I would love to take the FarmHands there sometime to go on one of their walking tours.  Under his breath, Husband mumbled, "You'll have to speed up a bit first."

I said, "Are you making fun of my shuffle?"

"No.  I'd be happy with a normal pace."  Can't say I blame him after having to follow me through the grocery while I moved like an octogenarian.  "So would I, dear."

Now if we could just convince the FarmHands that I'm not faking just to ruin their summertime plans.

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