June 7, 2012

Getting Spoiled.

My mother has been in southern Illinois for half of forever.  At least it seems this way.  And I am not at all complaining....yet.

She came up in early May to stay with Grandma M&M when she got sick and had to be hospitalized.  She drove me back to TN for Art's graduation then drove me back home after our 2 nights at her house.  There were 2 weeks of cleaning Bucka & Busha's garage and house and Uncle Gick's house.  Then she headed back North for Grandma M&M's surgery last Tuesday.  Wednesday found me being scuttled off into surgery so she's been here baby sitting the FarmHands and me for the past week.  In the middle of that was Uncle Doctor R's graduation for his PHD.  Yet this summer there are more care-taking duties and reunions and such.  I've no idea when she will return to her Petite Realm for good but I do know when it happens I will not be happy.

I like having my mother here.  I like knowing that when I'm out of commission she's the one in charge of the FarmHands.  I like having her to talk to and laugh with all day every day.

I think I'd like to keep her.

What do you say, Daddy?  Can we keep Mama?  Please?


Anonymous said...

NO!!! I will share but I need her home. I am glad she has been able to maintain her summer care caravan. God always has a plan for those with a servant's heart.

Kork said...

What a blessing she's not only willing, but able to be there with the family in these times of need!!!!!

I never remember how blessed I am that my own Mama is 2 miles up the road until such a time as you're going through!