June 25, 2012

Irrefutable Proof.

The FarmHands have discovered irrefutable proof of a Sasquatch on our hill.  As you can see from the pictures below there is just no arguing the existence of Big Foot at this point.  I'm pretty sure I need to get in touch with the folks from Animal Planet so the Finding Big Foot crew can come to our house ASAP (although I don't think Bitsy wants to share credit with anyone).

 We were swimming when BabyGirl, B.B., and Bitsy decided they were cold and needed a break.  They immediately headed through the dried up creek and up to "The Hill" as we call our east pasture.  A few minutes later Bitsy comes running back down to the pool and tells me, "We found a GIANT step print up on the hill!"  It took me a minute to figure out what a "step print" was, but eventually I got it.

I asked what kind of foot print it was (by that time B.B. had joined us- also full of the giant footprint news).  He said, "It's just like a person's only HUGE!"  That's when the Big Foot idea took root and the kids decided I had to come see it.

As you can see from the picture above, HUGE!  and GIANT! are relative terms, as is the term "foot print." I don't have the heart to tell them it's just erosion.....especially after Bitsy found "the hole where Big Foot lives."  Again- "hole" is a relative term.
So for now we're keeping watch out for what we're assuming is a young Sasquatch (because the "step print" isn't really that big after all).
We'll let you know when we find him. (The picture above is Bitsy's nearly 5 year old foot in the washed out dirt mound now known as the Big Foot step print)

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