June 28, 2012

I'm sitting on a beach towel on the hill leading down from my house to our pond (yes, my house- our pond) while the kids end their day in the swimming pool.  I just took a quick walk around the pond to see if any more dead fish have floated up.  You see, heat like this can make a pond turn over & kill all the fish in it.  That happened a few weeks ago.

With no rain in recent memory and none in sight plus temperatures reaching 108 today, the water situation around here is getting a bit desperate.  For example, the Wabash River (about 25-30 miles from us) is only 2.6 feet deep.  I think it normally hovers around 13-15 feet.  Our pond is normally 4 feet or so and now I'd be shocked if it came up to my knees.

In Colorado and other parts of the country, firefighters are battling 41 major wildfires.  75% of the country is under serious to extreme drought conditions.  Farmers have pretty much thrown in the towel on this year's crop.  There just hasn't been enough rain.

On the other hand, a friend living in Florida posted that they'd had 18+ inches of rain in the past week or two.

I really don't know where this post is going to go.  I only know I need to write out what is worrying me and hanging heavily on my heart right now.  I know that my God can calm the wind and settle the storms.  I know He can take what seems to be a hopeless situation and turn it for His good.

Right now I need to have Faith like Potatoes.


Kork said...

I hear ya Farmie...it's troubling, to say the least. My heart is breaking...

Inkling said...

It feels so surreal. You guys are roasting, while we still can't put our winter gear away. Your plants are dying for lack of cool water, and my plants are rotting from too much cool water. I feel like it's still somewhere in February, and you guys feel like you suddenly moved to the tropics in the dog days of August. If we could just average the two extremes together, we'd all be able to share a happy medium. Kork would be able to breathe easy; your fish would be swimmingly alive, and I wouldn't be wondering if I'm in a dangerously low Vitamin D deficit. Here is hoping things get back to normal soon!