May 23, 2012

#1 Son turns 9

How did this happen?  How did my pudgy baby boy grow up and turn nine?  He's only 364 days from double digits.  I'm not sure I like this.  Not sure at all.

But his birthday was a great day!

As I tucked him in Monday night he said, "Mom, can I wake you & Dad up early tomorrow?  It is my birthday."  If Husband didn't work until odd hours of the morning, I would have been OK with this.  Instead I told him to wait & we'd get up when Dad was ready.

Luckily he didn't have to wait too long.  Dad drug himself out of bed around 7:30.  By that point I thought the boy was going to  burst from excitement.  He wasn't alone.  Bitsy comes running into the living room and whispers, "Mommy, I peeked at #1 Son's birfday take.  But don't worry.  I didn't let him see."

His presents were a hit but the biggest hit of the day was when his best friend's mom IM'ed me to see if we'd be home.  His buddy had a present & wanted to bring it over.  His friend has a little brother who's friends with B.B. so an impromptu birthday party was thrown.

They boys came & they all played for nearly 3 hours....until everyone was happy, hot, and worn out.  The boys went home & I decided it was nap time for Mama.  Just as I settled down for a rest, QM pulled up the drive.  I'd trade a few hours with my mom for a nap most any day of the week.

We sat & visited & looked up stuff about our family names on line while the FarmHands ran around outside.  Then QM went to get pizza for all of us and I rounded up short folks for their baths.

After it was all said & done #1 Son said it was, "the best birthday EVER!"  I'm inclined to agree.

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