May 9, 2012

When High School comes back to bite you in the butt.

I was the quintessential drama geek in high school.  I wore weird clothes (really, no one wore knee boots and rust colored corduroy skirts in 1993).  I listened to weird music.  I had entire segments of the Muppet Movie, Monty Python, The Princess Bride, Rocky Horror, and other cult classics memorized.  Broadway musicals were my life's ambition.  One thing I was not was 'preppy.'

In fact, anything to do with the "popular" crowd, I abhorred- school spirit most of all.  In fact, I detested sports of any kind.  I though the cheer leaders were bubble headed ninnies.  I was pretty sure the football players couldn't spell Shakespeare much less read him.  Yes, I was a reverse snob.  If you weren't a band geek, drama geek, or had purple hair I didn't want anything to do with you.

Yes, I was the girl who spent hours at football games (I was in the flag corps in the marching band) screaming the names of cheerleaders when their backs were to the stands while pretending I hadn't said a word when they bounced around & scanned the crowd for the friends they thought were calling them.  I was the loudest of the protesters who felt the cheerleader's skirts should at the very least fall within the length limits set forth by the school dress code.  I was the black clad, red lipstick wearing misanthrope who read Sylvia Plath during pep-rallys (OK, so I never read Sylvia Plath in high school, but you get the idea).  In fact, the closest I ever got to cheerleading was when I helped Did dress like an anarchist cheerleader from the Smells Like Teen Spirit video for Halloween.

Today all of that has officially come back to bite me in the hind quarters.  BabyGirl made the cheer squad at school!

What has the world come to?  I am now a cheer mom.  Heaven help us all.

In all actuality, I am over the moon proud of BabyGirl.  She worked really hard & is super excited about this new venture.  I'm super excited about the socks and sneakers she's going to have to become accustomed to.  Cheerleading is going to open up a world of not only sports and team activities to her, but it's going to open up a world of yet unworn fashion.  I can't wait to see how this goes.

So do not be surprised to find me screaming my head off in the stands when someone shouts, "If you're here for the Warriors say, 'HEY!'"



Layla said...

It totally didn't help that our school had sororities. Gross Sub-Debs (YES I'M STILL BITTER, THEY WERE MEAN).

Kork said...

HA HA HA...sorry...I think God has the BEST sense of humor...that's why I'm raising a baseball-playing-transformer-watching boy, and 2 prima donna daughters...

My over-the-top-girly-girls are going to be the death of me...I can at least pretend to be a sports mom, but a DANCE MOM?!?!?! GAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

PS - I'll be praying that BabyGirl doesn't revolt and turn into the only barefoot cheerleader the school has ever known...