April 1, 2012

Think of it as a mini-HGTV post.

 Above is the kitchen sink our house came with....complete with cracks in the acrylic bottom and stains that will not come clean no matter how much I bleach/scrub/scour/wash them.
 And this is the faucet I've been using for 5 years because B.B. so helpfully snapped the sprayer attachment off the end of the hose (notice the yellow rubber band that keeps it from slipping back down into the faucet).
 Here is the original bathtub fixture on our garden tub in the master bath.  The shine wore off the first year.  And don't even ask about the crappy knobs.
 And here is my new stainless sink.  The bowls are an inch deeper and the drains are off set to help with usable sink space & under skin storage.
 My new faucet that is high enough to fill even the tallest stock pots.  New separate sprayer (if B.B. breaks this one, I'll have a 7 year old to sell on the black market), and fancy handles make it all look pretty.
My lovely new tub fixtures make every day a spa day (see, I totally have a future in marketing.  Delta should totally hire me).  I'm really loving the shower head.  We've never had that in the bath before.  Can't wait to try it out on the dogs....of course it could totally traumatize them.
And finally, this is why I warned you against ever purchasing an acrylic sink.  Not exactly kitchen friendly what with all the open flames present.  You really don't want this happening in your house.

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