March 30, 2012

I'm outta' here. (not really. don't panic.)

I've been leaving my house lately.  A lot.  It's strange.

For the past 10 years and 9 months I've been a homebody.  I've left the house only to go to town on Friday or drop the FarmHands at school or pick them up after.  Once a week I'd go to Bucka and Busha's to visit and then church on Sunday mornings.

All that is changing.  Rather rapidly and it's a bit disorienting.

First came the occasional work outside the home.  I've know it was coming in some form since Bitsy was born, and I'm ever thankful it's been gradual and erratic.

Then came Husband's return to church and with it Sunday evening services, Revival, and special events we'd skipped out on previously due to my reluctance to take all 4 FarmHands out on my own unless totally necessary.

Night Class.  Dental appointments.  Trips to the Big City.  And soon we'll be starting T-ball with B.B.

I can feel the Social Butterfly who used to rule my life stretching her wings once again.

Someone might want to warn my husband.

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