March 11, 2012

Oh, I'm sleeping this cold away, looking for a better way, for me.

Thursday my mother-in-law suggested I try a particular cold medicine.  She said it quieted her cough so well that she slept like a baby at night.  I picked up a box Friday and tried it Friday night.  It worked wonderfully.  I slept solidly until about 6:30 (which NEVER happens).  I took it again last night and slept soundly in spite of a sore throat, head congestion, a cough, and ear ache.

This morning I was still feeling lousy so I stayed home from church.  I got up to help Husband get the kids dressed & out the door (against my will, I might add), ate a little breakfast, took another cold tab, and went back to bed at 9:30.  When 1 o'clock rolled around, I realized my mother-in-law wasn't sleeping well because of a suppressed cough.  She was sleeping well because this stuff knocks you out.

I'm really glad I only took one tablet each time instead of the recommended (and packaged) 2 at a time.  If I'd have tried that dose, I'd be comatose until Monday afternoon, easily.


Inkling said...

Geez, why get a job at the school. It totally sounds like you could become a successful drug rep, pushing this particular remedy on tired mamas. Heaven knows my first thought was, "What is it?" And my next thought was, "I think I'd like some."

Is it safe for children? ;)

(And to anyone reading this who would question my morality or parenting skills, I'm just kidding. Tempted. But kidding.)

Kork said...

Nice! Sometimes, being able to sleep (drug-induced or otherwise) is the best thing...

PS - I'm with Inkling, what is it, and can you give it to your children? How nice would THAT make trips???

Hope you're feeling better having had some solid sleep this weekend...