March 12, 2012

And, She's Back

After spending the day yesterday nearly comatose, I think I may be on the mend......finally.  I'm not 100% just yet, but I'd say I'm pushing 85-90% easily.  I've cooked today.  I've cleaned the bird cages (a good 2 hour long job) today.  I've touched base with the school superintendent about a possible job.  I've gathered up and taken out the trash.  My house doesn't look like squatters are living in it.  I don't feel like death warmed over.  Now if only this will last.

We now have an antenna so there are channels (mostly a plethora of PBS's) coming in loud & clear on the television.  Bitsy has rediscovered Curious George (yeah!) and Syd the Science Kid (ugh).  The older FarmHands were happy to have Once Upon a Time back last night.  #1 Son was in tears Saturday because he finally realized that we will no longer be watching Doctor Who.  Poor kid.

So now to undo the damage that has been done during the month I've been AWOL around here.  Has anyone seen the mop?


zann said...

I wish I knew what secrets my husband has for obtaining our dr. who episodes when they come along.. but I don't know and I don't ask. I don't think I really want to know how he obtains them.... but now I know I have someone to talk to about Once Upon A Time. I keep thinking I'm the only person watching it. So if you think your kids will talk to me I'd be more than happy to discuss the show.

Kork said...

I think your mop went to might have to find other alternatives...