March 8, 2012

Because who doesn't love a good bullet point post?

Reasons I need to get well:

  • I'm sick & tired of being sick & tired
  • I went directly from working 2 full weeks to being sick for 2 full weeks so I've accomplished nothing in a month (what ever you do, do not look in my showers)
  • Lilly May is on the verge of rocking dread locks because I've been too ill to clip her
  • My poor parakeets are living in complete squalor because I can't clean their cage properly- I'm afraid to handle them when I'm sick (it doesn't take much to kill a 'keet)
  • My children are practically feral at this point (not that it's much of a change from how we normally live around here)
  • I'm getting zero enjoyment out of these sunny and 60 days (it's March, folks-I should get to revel in this)
  • I suspect there's an ulcer taking root in my stomach from all the ibuprofen I've been popping the past 2 weeks
  • I don't own my own Kleenex manufacturing facility
Ways you can tell I'm a geek just by watching the FarmHands:

  • Angel statues scare my kid to death
  • B.B. was goose stepping through the Walmart parking lot Monday because he was a Storm Trooper
  • Bitsy spends hours on end chasing her brothers through the house squealing, "My Precious.  Thieving Hobbitses stole my Precious!"
  • BabyGirl tried to stay up all night last night to read Hunger Games.
  • B.B. named his stuffed dog Indiana Jones
  • We have a rabbit called The Doctor
  • My kids would rather watch Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or the like than most Disney movies
  • They know all the words to the Muppet Show theme song


Brittanie said...

Hope you feel better!

Kork said...

Feel better soon - been praying for you!

Also - are there kids out there that DON'T know all the words to the Muppets them song???

zann said...

you are doing a great job with your geeklings. I'm trying hard to follow in your footsteps :)