February 24, 2012

Poor Traumatized B.B.

I woke up very early this morning & rolled over to check my alarm clock.  It was blank.  I glanced around & realized Husband was as well (yes, we have 2 alarm clocks in our room...the kind with giant numbers made so old people can read them).  Then I noticed the dusk till dawn light in our driveway wasn't on.

I got up & found my cell phone in the dark kitchen so I could set another alarm.  It was 5 o'clock so that gave me 40 minutes left to sleep.  As I crawled in bed I remembered our electric company never seems to know the power is out unless we call in & complain.  I got back up, dug out their number, and called from the only phone we have that isn't cordless.

I was on hold for 35 minutes.  At five o'clock in the morning.  While having an allergy attack.  Yeah, it was loads of fun.

As I was waiting for someone to answer (and getting really tired of hearing, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, "Thank you for calling WW electric.  Someone will be with you shortly.  You are caller number __," over & over & over again) B.B. woke up.  I knew this because he instantly began shouting, "#1 Son!  #1 Son!  I can't see anything!  Wake up, #1 Son!  I can't see anything!"

#1 Son woke up and began yelling, "I can't see anything either! What's going on?  Why can't we see?!  B.B., why can't we see?!"

I was trying to get their attention from the living room without waking Husband (who'd only been in bed an hour) and the girls but failed miserably.  Eventually they heard me saying, "Calm down.  The power is just out," and they stumbled into the living room.  B.B. was sobbing hysterically.  I told him there was nothing to cry about, it was just a power outtage.  He replied, "I know.  But when I woke up I though I was blind."



Mama Brown said...

Ok that made me bust out into belly laughs! Poor BB!

Queen Mother said...

I needed that. Bless his heart