February 26, 2012

Maketh, Leadeth, Restoreth

#1 Son did a special in church this morning.  He read the 23rd Psalm.  He did a great job.  And I forgot to get out my camera & video it.  Go figure.

It came about because Husband was reading Bible stories to the FarmHands last night before bed.  While reading he asked #1 Son if he'd like to read something from the Bible sometime during church.  #1 Son said yes & I suggested a Psalm.  Husband said, "No, those are too hard."  I said the 23rd Psalm wasn't & #1 Son said, "You mean 'The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want?'"  Husband and I were both surprised that he knew it immediately until he said, "Aunt CB has been teaching it to us in Sunday School."

Husband looked it up in our New International Version and handed it over for #1 Son to read aloud.  After the first line, #1 Son said, "This isn't right.  It should say 'He maketh' not 'He makes,'" so we dug out our New King James.  "This isn't it either," he quickly told us.  Finally I handed him the King James Version & he ran with it.  "Yup, this one's right," he announced.

I might not have forgotten to get out the camera if his dad hadn't gone up with him and started off by talking about how thankful he is for our four wonderful children and how thankful he is for a church family who makes sure the kids are learning what they need to know.  I was too busy holding back tears to be bothered with a camera.

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