January 14, 2012

Send help, they're all starving.

I did not go to the grocery yesterday. In fact, Husband is going to bring home a gallon of milk after work tonight so we don't have to grocery shop until Sunday afternoon.  Do you have any idea what this means?  It means my children might actually starve to death in the interim.

Yes, we're down to a single frozen pizza (as opposed to the two or three that are normally there). We're completely out of apples.  We only have 2/3s of a box of Gogurt left in the freezer.  There's less than a cup of pancake syrup in the bottle.  We may even run out of Pop Tarts before the day is over.  As you can tell, the situation is rather dire.  As you can also tell, we're totally health nuts when it comes to what we eat (yes, I am a giant liar).

Forget the pounds & pounds & pounds of freshly butchered pork in the freezers. Forget the cans & cans of veggies in the pantry.  Forget the 2 loaves of whole wheat bread in the bread box.  We're running low on chocolate chip granola bars!

My poor children.  I hope they make it through the night.  At least there's still microwave pop corn....like 25 bags of the stuff.  Remind me not to put it on my shopping list.

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Kork said...

I read this the day you posted it...I am hoping your silence since then is simply because you've been too busy doing things like going to Church, breaking up Farmhand brawls, and feeding your menagerie, and NOT due to the fact that the 'Hands revolted and committed a cannibalistic act...

Crossing my fingers!!!