January 10, 2012

Working Mother Takes College Course (gasp!)

As you might recall, I have recently found a new vocation- a calling as it were- a desire to fill the stomachs of children with mystery meat.  I am a lunch lady.

To be entirely honest, I'm only a substitute lunch lady & I've only subbed twice thus far....but I'm really hoping to get to work more as the year goes on....and flu season gets into full swing.  Not that I'm wishing the flu on anyone, but if they do get it, I hope I get to fill in for them.

What I'm really hoping is that this every now & again gig will turn into full time work at some point.  But for that to happen I must be certified in Food Sanitation & Safety.  That means I have to take a class.  An actual college course.  Well, sort of.  If you can call a 4 day class with a total of 1 credit hour a college class.  But it does meet at the college & I am technically a student of the college, so that counts, right?

So now, not only am I employed, but I am also a student.  Go me.  I think.


Layla said...

Go you!!!

Staci said...

Darn Tootin Go You!!!