November 14, 2011

You just keep me hangin' on...

Just forget the rest of the lyrics to that song. They're not really apropos to this situation. But I want to thank you all for sticking by when I'm moody & irrational & not up to spilling my guts all over the interwebs. Although my latest mini-sabbatical was due more to actual guts than the metaphorical kind.

I had an attack of some kind. It's pretty much going to be undetermined because it's over & the tests were inconclusive. Initially it was thought to be my appendix, then possibly gallbladder, and finally UTI. In truth, I don't care as long as the pain stays gone & I stay out of the hospital. Bactrim seems to be safely securing that end for me.

In the meantime, we've had a busy week on the farm (seriously, what week isn't busy around here?) with new bunnies, tunnels in the dirt, a Thanksgiving dinner, our first pair of horribly scratched glasses, the first head cold of the season, wind that could possibly pick Bitsy up & carry her across the road, new boots, shoe tying lessons & a birthday party.

The kids have decided to show rabbits at the fair for their 4-H projects this year so Husband tracked down a lady who raises Flemish Giants (if you've seen the viral email of the 20 pound rabbit the size of a medium sized dog, he's a F.B.) for show. We went to meet her & get 2 or 3 rabbits. We came home with 5.

One Flemish is nearly grown & will be ready to breed as soon as our buck is mature. The other 2 (a buck & a doe) are litter mates & recently weaned. As Husband was loading them up, the lady pulled out a blue & white Dutch named Blaze. The moment I laid eyes on him I knew BabyGirl would be head over heels. She was. When the rabbit lady saw our reaction to Blaze, she brought Sarah out. Sarah is a Netherland Dwarf. They are very small rabbits with flat faces, large eyes, and tiny ears making them look infantile even when fully mature. So, yeah, I squealed & when she offered Sarah for $10 I jumped on it. Turns out, Miss Sarah (who Bitsy immediately latched on to like a vice) is preggers.

We already had 10 rabbits from a pair Husband bought the FarmHands last Spring plus a yet to be determined number of bunnies that haven't emerged from under their pile of mom fur (Husband estimates at least 5). That puts our current bunny total around 20. That whole "Breeding like Rabbits" thing isn't a joke!

If we keep this up we'll be on Animal Hoarders in no time! Watch out Cable. Here we come!


Penny said...

so glad you are back and up to snuff!! love the bunnie tale (LOL) when I was married at 19 to a farmer guy, I thought being the perfect farm wife would mean that I have animals..and yes, bunnies were part of my petting zoo..and I also went from a couple to zillons in a very short time!! but so fun and I'm sure your kids will treasure all the memories..good luck at the fair next summer!!

Kork said...

Glad you're back...and you know what? If you show up on some Reality cable show, I will TOTALLY watch it and tell people that I know you!!!

Now, seriously, how much hassenpfeffer can one family have??? :D