September 27, 2011

Baby Names

Every one's having babies. Everyone except me, that is. Not that I need any more babies, but I could name a few given the opportunity.

Ordinary Sarah is hunting the perfect label for Baby #5. We have cousins expecting Baby #3. Other friends have been soliciting baby name advice on Facebook recently. Being an expert in all things, I, of course, must put in my two cents.

While some of my suggestions are totally sarcastic - Throckmorton (I just love to say that), Stormageddon (total Doctor Who reference), Through Much Tribulation We Enter Into The Kingdom (yes, someone really named their child that), Shithead, Audio Science - Some are totally feasible if a bit on the odd side- Tirzah, Keturah, Matthias, Zebulen, Dorcas, Hezekiah.

In 2010 the most popular girl's name was Isabella. The boy's was Jacob. Twilight much anyone? To be honest, had #1 Son been a girl, his name would have been Isabella Delaney...but that was a full 2 years before Twilight. The names in the top 50 that surprised me were Nevaeh, Avery, Liam, and Aiden.

I'm really digging the trend to skip back a few generations. Clara, Mabel, Esther, Rose, Emma, and Grace were all in the top 50 in 1900 as were Herbert, Alfred, Lawrence, Oscar, Floyd, and Jessie. Not that I'd ever name my son Herbert Floyd, but it does give you something to think about.

The SSA has a website where you can go back to any year after 1879 and find the top baby names. It's kind of long as I don't really need to use it. I wonder what the list will look like when my grandbabies are being named.

Had the FarmHands been born of the opposite gender, BabyGirl would have been Samuel Levi because the story of the birth of Samuel in the Bible really spoke to me when we were trying to get pregnant. #1 Son, I've already told you. Husband wasn't thrilled about it, but since we couldn't come to an agreement on a girl's name, he had decided to "give it to me" if we found out #1 Son was a boy....but he was not so we used the name we'd both agreed on. B.B. would have been Leah Fawn. I was relieved to find out he was a boy. I was OK with Leah, not so much with Fawn. But it was Husband's Grandmother's middle name, so I really couldn't argue (BabyGirl has my middle name & #1 Son has my dad's first name as his middle name). Bitsy would have been Jeremiah Levi (Levi being the only name we ever reused and only because it's J's middle name. He was our ring bearer & the FarmHands' current favorite human being). Instead Bitsy shares a name with one of Husband's ex-girlfriends. Yes, I knew and yes, I picked the name out knowing...but again, it was a name that really spoke to me. The girlfriend was a really long time ago & it didn't bother me at all. It took Husband a while to get on board with it, though.

So, do you have any names you were dying to use but were vetoed by your spouse? Share!


Aimee said...

Our boy names were Samuel David and Benjamin Howard. David is my hubby's and his dad's middle name, so that would continue a tradition. Howard is my dad's first name, and I chose that rather than his middle name because my brother has it, and I dunno... I preferred the first to the middle name.

We chose all biblical names, but some of my favs were taken long before we had kids: Sarah and Jonathan. In our back pocket are: Rachel/Rachael, Leah and Ruth for girls, since obviously, we haven't used our boys names.

zann said...

I really wanted to name K, Anneke with the same middle name that she has ( the last "e" pronounced in an "uh" sound.) It was on the short list but J wasn't fully on board with it. I also really liked Tatiana, Octavia, Natalie and Sabrina but we feared she'd get teased about them or I didn't like their meaning. J wanted to name her Summer but I didn't want to name her after a season ( although I do like the name Autumn). If she had been a boy she would have been Issac Xevier.

Rae said...

I love the names: Elliott, Sage, and Porter.
Good luck!

Kork said...

Personally, I've always favored Mephibosheth. I mean, how much more Biblical can you get? :D

Seriously - I guess I'm sort of an old-fashioned name person...way back in the days of doing a MASH, or dreaming of being Mrs. Dr. so-and-so (or whatever)...I had chosen the following:
Victoria Ruth
Rachel Elaine (or perhaps Rachael)
Ryan Alexander
Ayden Liam (apparently I was going through some sort of Celtic phase!)

If BB and I were to have another, the names in the running would be:

David Charles for our dads (both have the same middle name!) and BB's paternal Grandfather
- or -
Mae Katherine (Mae being his paternal grandmother's middle name)

Captain is Andrew for his great-grandfather, and has BB's name for a middle name
Princess is actually Elizabeth Grace (the Grace is my grandmother's name)
Littlest is Sophie for her great-grandmother and Patricia for her grandmother (the biological one, not the living MIL).

Grace said...

Well, if my firstborn, who has the same name as your third-born, had been a girl, he would've had the same name as your youngest! :) If my second born, who's name has been on the top ten baby names list for the last 3,000 years, had been a girl, his name would've been Ilaina to "match" my first-born's name. If our youngest, named after a city in the Bible, had been a boy, she would've been Samuel Christopher. My husband wanted to name a boy Onesimus Philemon! Thankfully his wonderful wife has more sense in her head than he does!