August 12, 2011

Why I need a live in carpenter.

I've decided I could really use a live-in carpenter. The hammer & nails type not the Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft type....even though I do love me some Karen Carpenter. We've only just begun to live. White lace & promises, a kiss for luck & we're on our way....Whoops, sorry about that.

At least once a day I think of something I need someone to make for me.

  • A park bench to put down by the pond so I can sit & read while the FarmHands try to toss cats into the water (not that that would ever happen around here)

  • a giant shelf to house my ever growing book collection (Mirror, Mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all.)

  • bunk beds for the girls

  • a coffee table/storage chest for all the blankets & pillows the FarmHands need for movie nights

  • a super cute dog house for Misha Gale & Bonpas to live in so we can get rid of the plastic things they currently reside in (very practical but not very attractive)

  • a front porch

  • a new computer desk with a keyboard tray that doesn't fall out on the floor if you pull it out wrong

  • a real door for my bedroom (as opposed to the hollow pressed pretend wood one we have now) that blocks some of the noise 4 kids make at ungodly hours of the morning

  • an organizational system for my closet/the black hole

You get the idea.


Kork said...

I will send you BB for a month or so if you like. But he will insist upon watching sporting events as part of his payment plan...

zann said...

I would like to have one of those to... really I'd just like a licensed contractor with electrical, plumbing, carpentry and landscaping skills willing to work on anything I ask or at least willing to guide me with their expertise and correct the mistake if I do it wrong. Then I could get all the projects I'd like to do done without it costing me a massive amount of money. le sigh.

Diana said...

ooh-ooh!!! Dibs on helping with the closet! I looooooooooove organizing other people's closets and making them purge stuff and getting it lovely and functional. My dear friend informed me my job at her house was to go through the tupperware-type cabinet and get rid of most so they could put the new stuff in. I actually cheered! I love organizing stuff like that. My guest room? Totally different story...