August 17, 2011

Today I had an empty nest.

For three hours...but I wasn't in it. I was at Busha & Bucka's sipping coffee & laughing with my grandmother.

Bitsy started Pre-K today. I'm not really sure I was prepared for this. It's not like it was a great surprise. I had her screened in March. We've known for months this was coming. But still, dropping your baby off at school for the first time is a bit overwhelming....especially when she doesn't seem to notice you're gone.

Yesterday was visit day & she was glued to my thigh. Occasionally she would venture off into the class to check something out, but only if I was in a direct line of sight & only if another child was no where near what she wanted to look at. Today she tried to leave me as soon as we got to the front doors of the school. I walk her to her room, make sure she gets her back pack hung up, walk her to the play ground door, then say good bye. She tried to tell me good bye three times before we got to the play ground.

To answer your question: No. I did not cry. Not a bit. It was much easier than I expected. Does that come from three previous "first day" survivals or does it stem from the total amazement at three hours almost entirely to myself every week day of the school year? You decide. I'm going to take a nap.

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