August 19, 2011

Finally, a real friend!!

If you've been here any length of time, you've probably heard of Moomah, Neenee, and Googah. They're Bitsy's best friends. They also happen to be imaginary. The three of them started pre-k with her this week. Luckily their ages are rather fluid. Once they were all grown women with children of their own. For a while they were "big girls like BabyGirl." Of late, they've all been four years old & ready for preschool.

Bitsy is the first of the FarmHands to really have long term imaginary friends. The Girls have had many adventures & even done some jail time once or twice. I was a bit concerned that they would be Bitsy's sole companions since she doesn't seem to have much use for kids her own age.

After her first full day of Pre-K she came home telling me all about a girl at school named Emily. Emily must be amazing because she's all Bitsy talked about Wednesday night. "Mommy, Me played with Emily in centers today. Emily talked to me and I talked to her. Emily....Emily....Emily...." You get the picture. As she was settling down for the night the conversation turned a bit more....depressing.

"Mommy, me think Emily not gonna' be at school tomorrow."

Why not?

"Me think maybe her gonna' be sick."

I don't think so. I'm pretty sure Emily will be there. Don't worry about it.

"But me think maybe her not. Me think maybe her hava' go to the doctor."

It's only the second day of school. She'll probably be there.

"Maybe her hava' take her dad to the doctor."

Did she say she had to take her dad to the doctor?

"No, but maybe her have to. Maybe him hava' have surgery so maybe Emily hava' take him to the doctor."

Oh, well, I'm not sure. I hope her dad doesn't have to have surgery. Let's not worry too much about it. We'll see if she's there tomorrow. OK?

*sigh* "Ok."

Surprisingly, Emily was at school on Wednesday. No mention of her dad having surgery. In fact, the baby sitter picked her up & we had a brief chat about Bitsy's new obsession with Emily. (Incidentally, the baby sitter used to watch IT Superguy, Ray-ray, Beffie, and J when they were little.)

When we got home I asked Bitsy how Moomah, Neenee, and Googah had done at school. I've been a bit worried considering the time they've done in The Big House. I'm not sure they'll adapt to circle time and line leaders without falling back on shivs and gang violence. Turns out, I had nothing to worry about. They're not going to be at school this week. Can you guess why?

They had to take their dad to the doctor so he could have surgery on his leg.

I wrote the above post while house sitting for IT Superguy & A Starry Night while they were at a funeral. They're having their kitchen remodeled & wanted someone to keep an eye on the contractors. High speed Internet is heavenly.

When I picked Bitsy up from Busha's after my grocery shopping, Busha informed me that Moomah had been to Pre-K today. Miss G (the teacher) didn't know she was there. Busha also told me that sadly, both of Moomah's parents have died. But a miracle must have occurred because before Bitsy & I left the driveway, they were alive again. I guess it's not only their ages that are fluid.

I hope Emily has better luck with her parents.

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kitty said...

I wish I knew your kids. They sound like so much fun.