May 28, 2011

The beginning of a long, long, long week.

Tomorrow we leave on vacation.

Yes, I know we're certifiable leaving in the middle of Memorial Day weekend, but it just happened this way. Don't judge.

This vacation has taken on a life of it's own. Back in January (maybe) Husband started talking about taking the FarmHands to Chattanooga to see the aquarium & Look Out Mountain. I was all for it. He suggested we call QM & Daddy to meet us there, stay a few nights, then go back up to their house as a stop on the way home.

Just as vacation time was being set aside & hotels were being searched for, MIL and FIL asked if we'd like to meet up with them in Gatlinburg at their time share during that week. A few weeks & a lot of morphing later & we're starting our trip off with them & finishing it off with QM & Daddy, Princess, Axl, & H.T. in Cave City, KY.

This is the part of the post where I beg for prayers. Prayers for patience, for a total lack of motion sickness, for a safe journey, for a pleasant time, for calmed tempers all around, for good weather, for precise navigation, and for fun. Things can be tense with the In-Laws (please, no snide remarks in the comments about this) but I know the kids really need this time with their grandparents. I'm praying that this week comes with a bit of healing between Husband and his father (that's been a strained relationship for years) and a lot of calmness for me. I'm also praying that HT & Bitsy love Dinosaur World as much as the older FarmHands did last time we were there. There's been some serious build-up to it.

I really am looking forward to this trip. Tomorrow night we're staying in Lexington in order to split the 8 hour drive to Gatlinburg in half...then after that it's time to Vacation like there's no tomorrow. Dixie Stampede, Dollywood, an aquarium, caves, dinosaurs, mountains and no less than 5 Google Maps printed in preparation.

In conclusion, please pray for us all...and if you get bored while I'm gone, you can check out the last time we went on a grand adventure:
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And finally: Things I learned on vacation

Hmmmm, I wonder if The Golgotha Fun Park is still for sale.


Anonymous said...

Praying for a wonderful time from start to finish. can't wait to see everyone.

Kork said...

I hope that you had an amazing trip!!!!!!!!!

Hoping for lots of good things to read about in the upcoming "post-vacay" posts...