April 13, 2011

Where can we find Scrubs in a 4T?

Bitsy is developing her own language. Her new favorite word is Bloop. And Keeks. I'm not sure what either one means, but she sure uses them a lot. Today she told me, "Me just like to make up my own words. Me was gonna' say 'Keeks' on Friday, but me didn't." Every time she gets in trouble she tries to explain it away with a Bloop. "Me was holding that book, but then, Bloop! It just flied across the room," or, "Me was just by B.B. and me blooped. Dat's why me hit him." Much to her amazement, I'm not falling for it. We went to Uncle E's house on Saturday only to discover Aunt C had a duckling following her around the house while she did chores. Uncle E brought the duckling home from town on Friday and JL quickly named it Diesel. Bitsy needed to go see Diesel today. I was unaware just how terrifying a small duck can be. Every time Diesel came near her, she tried to climb up my neck to escape from him. After Beffie put him back in his box, he jumped out & startled her so badly, she dumped his water dish in the floor. I'm telling you, ducklings are scary! Rachie just got a new job at the hospital. Bitsy is thrilled that her Rachie is a nurse. Today Beffie gave Bitsy a badge clip that nurses wear their work ID's on. I had to make Bitsy her own ID so she could clip it on her shirt, grab her doctor's kit, and be a nurse just like her Rachie. She's been on the hunt for sick folks ever since. "Hey! Any sick people in here? Yoohoo! Any sick people?!" Guess we'll be OK when the American Health Care System collapses. We've got Bitsy.


Layla said...

When I read anything Bitsy has said, I hear it in a cute little cockney accent. Is it possible that your child is British and you just don't know it? ;)

FarmWife said...

Layla, I would so love that!!