March 8, 2011

This too shall pass.

That seemed to be my mantra for the past few days. I'm sure you've seen the post below about BabyGirl & the head lice. Add the massive amount of cleaning, treating, combing, picking, and bagging that goes on with an infestation to the time it takes to get 6 people ready & out the door for a visitation, funeral, and funeral dinner plus time spent visiting with family that's come in for the funeral plus a total lack of real sleep plus the emotional toll of all of this and you end up with one rather fried & overly sensitive FarmWife.

This is where I have to tell you just how much I love my husband. He surprised me by taking a vacation day Friday so he could go to Grandma's visitation with me. Then he took a second one so he could help me with Operation De-louse on Thursday. He did laundry, stripped beds, bagged toys, vacuumed rugs, corralled children, nit combed my hair, fixed snacks & dinner for the FarmHands, fetched & carried for me, and helped out in any other way he could.

And Lord Bless my sister for nit combing my hair a second time since Husband isn't really good with hair (as he said, he's not a girl). Not that she had to comb nearly as much hair as he did since I had it chopped off Friday morning.

We all made it through Grandma's services- not without tears but also not without smiles. It's a true blessing to know, without a doubt, that someone you love is in Paradise with their Lord. It was good to see friends and family we don't normally see. It was wonderful to see how many people loved Grandma and how many lives she touched.

Mama fell Saturday night at the hotel & bruised her rib cage internally. Daddy took her to the ER for x-rays but they all came back clear. They made it home Sunday night, but she's still in quite a bit of pain.

I have never been happier for a Monday morning to roll around as I was yesterday. BabyGirl went back to school. The house was quite & I had very little to do in the way of major cleaning.

Now I want to know where I go to request time off for vacation.

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Kork said...

lots and lots of hugs and love...wish I could get that vacay for you! I could do with a grown-up girls' only weekend trip to somewhere fabulous and tropical where, much like the people in Wall*E, we could just lay around and be taken care of...just maybe by some cute, muscle-bound cabana boys instead of little robots...

Just think - Spring is right around the corner, and while it may bring some icky allergies, at least you can loose the mayhem of your children onto the outdoor world!