February 27, 2011

Somethings you don't want to have to learn.

Yesterday morning, Busha called me to tell me they'd taken Grandma B to the hospital. They suspected she'd had a stroke. Long story, short: It's not a stroke but a UTI. Apparently in geriatric patients, UTI's can mimic a stroke or dementia.

Uncle Gick & I sat with her most of the day yesterday so Grandma B & Unkie Di could get some rest (they'd been up with her all night). We spent the first few hours trying to keep her in bed & make her leave her IV in. Eventually she settled down & fell asleep.

Last night, when Unkie Di & Grandpa B were with her, she got upset & restless again. Uncle Gick told me she'd had a really bad night. Please pray she gets some rest tonight & the antibiotics will clear this infection up quickly so she can come home.

I did learn a few things yesterday.
  • Sitting with a sick loved one can be scary, but in the end, you'll be glad you did.
  • UTI's not only cause dementia symptoms in older people, they will also cause people to want to disrobe. (Yup, getting naked is an actual symptom.)
  • Dealing with someone who's suffering from dementia is much like dealing with a stubborn toddler. There's no use arguing, just try and re-direct them. And the kindest, calmest, sweetest of people can get surprisingly rowdy when they're out of it.
  • Good nurses who work in nursing homes do not get paid enough.
  • Grandma B is not impressed with the hospital's mashed potatoes.


Staci said...

Amazing what happens as these mortal bodies age. Here's encouragement to you while you're helping her through it.

Sarah said...

I hope she gets well soon and that you can keep strong. It must be hard to see a loved one going through this. Take care. Sarah x