February 23, 2011

Eleven important things I've learned from the movies.

  1. If you should find yourself at the center of a conspiracy involving government agencies, law enforcement, organized crime, royalty, secret agents, religious sects, industrial espionage, the supernatural, robots, or the military, never, never, never take your world changing information to the one person you trust most in the world. They are in on it.
  2. If you are single, fun loving, and free wheeling, beware. Someone you love is about to die and leave one or more children in your custody because in their infinite wisdom, they know an impressionable minor is the only thing you truly need to get your life "on track" and that parenthood will suit you to a T.
  3. Someone you know is a prodigy, child genius, secret marshal arts master, has an eidetic memory, or has some kind of preterhuman ability.
  4. If a girl is a bit on the geeky side, a 30 second make over will turn her into the most stunningly gorgeous woman you've ever seen. Just take the bobby pins out of her librarian-esque bun, remove her glasses, and giver her head a good shake. Works every time.
  5. If a girl is already stunningly gorgeous, she's probably the person you know mentioned in #3.
  6. It doesn't matter where (or when) you live. Unless you are American, French, or Indian, you probably speak with a British accent.
  7. Screen doors and windows are completely frivolous and unnecessary. As is the desire to close windows or doors.
  8. If a man doesn't shave for weeks, he'll probably just end up with a heavy 5 o'clock shadow....unless he's Tom Hanks. And any woman stranded without a razor will immediately stop growing leg and underarm hair until she's rescued or finds her way back to civilization.
  9. If you make some kind of grand, selfless sacrifice, fear not- you will not actually die. But if you should die, you won't remain dead for long. Something astonishing will happen to bring you back from the brink.
  10. The Double Tap/Head Shot rule applies to all villains not just zombies.
  11. It doesn't matter how few seconds are left in the race to save the universe. There is always a moment to spare to declare your undying love & kiss the girl of your dreams before you rush off to save the day.

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