February 18, 2011


I am feeling much better now. Thank you all for the advice. In the end, I stuck with lots of fluids & Ibuprofen. It seemed to do the trick. And didn't cause strange cold medicine side effects.

But now I find something has gone horribly wrong with my Shabbyblogs bling! I am so depressed. My background has been a bit wonky since I changed it up for Christmas. Being trapped in the land of slow Internet, I hadn't had a real chance to fix it. Last week QM asked if I could take a look at hers. All of her pretties were missing, too.

I fear Shabbyblogs may no longer be functioning since it all seemed to disappear at once. I promise, I will get things back to fabulous around here soon. But for now, the FarmHands are at school, Bitsy is napping, and I can hear the couch calling out to me.

Anyone have any suggestions for blog back grounds that are easy to install & well....free?


Inkling said...

Simply Chic Blogs and Cutest Blog on the Block have nice templates and are free. I use the first one for my public blog.

Mama Brown said...

I like "the cutest blog on the block". It's all free!

Nan said...

Check shabby blogs help link:
I'm getting the photo bucket box too. They've changed servers.
If you figure out how to get rid of the photo bucket box, please let me know.

Anonymous said...

It's me again, I fixed my photo bucket box. Just deleted the shabby blogs code. Nan