January 20, 2011

Pondering & Praying.

I'm trying not to worry, but I think that may go against human nature.

Grandma M&M couldn't get out of bed on Saturday morning. She was very dizzy and ended up in the hospital. She has a history of strokes, so we tend to get concerned over things like this. The doctors said she has an inner ear ear "problem." She's on new medicine and back at the apartment now.

While she was in the hospital, Grandpa fell in the bathroom & broke his ankle. Uncle Greenteeth was with him and called the medics. He was also dehydrated (something he is prone to) and has a bladder infection. He was being moved to the rehab/nursing facility of the center where their apartment is for 2 weeks.

Bucka is having a tough winter. He's had shingles and he & Busha have both been ill with various viruses.

Grandma B (Unkie Di's mother) is not doing well. Her pacemaker is keeping her heart beating but she is so weak she can't really leave the house. I doubt Grandpa B will be able to bring her to church any more.

I am bracing myself for the inevitable. It's a horrible thought, but I know I cannot live the rest of my life with all my grandparents. The fact that they've all lived as long as they have and in the health they've enjoyed thus far is nothing short of a miracle. I even have a few "collected" grandparents left living. I am beyond blessed in this measure. I know that. I am trying to keep in mind that when the time comes I know that my grands all love the Lord. They are all going to be with Him in heaven. I will see them all again some day.

But I'm just not ready to stop seeing them here.

Would you please pray?


Ang said...

I will say prayers for you and your families. You are blessed to have them still with you.

Penny said...

been praying..love your grandparents..amazing people you come from ...very good stock!! I keep updated on Anita's facebook..but I understand your concern...and I understand your joy at the fact that they will be with our Lord...that is the best thoughts ever!

Kork said...

Been praying since yesterday my dear friend...