January 23, 2011

In search of a nook.

It is snowing. Again. I'm feeling the need to hibernate. I want to curl up with a cup of coffee, a new book, and a warm blanket and not come out until spring.

I need to exercise, but the joint in my big toe has decided it no longer needs to support my weight. I didn't do anything to it, but it's protesting just the same. After doing the strength training on the Wii fit I borrowed, I needed a break...the brief break has turned into 3 days. This isn't good.

We're working on vacation plans for this summer, but that's just making me anxious. I've read everything light hearted and uplifting I own and Doctor Jekel and Mr.Hyde isn't helping my frame of mind.

There's only so much Lego Star Wars one girl can handle and I'm tired of the television. It's too cold to play out in the snow. All the dirty clothing in my house has been washed. I really just want to sleep.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels this way.

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Penny said...

I understand your feelings..my hubby just asked me, "do you think you could walk for an hour?" well of course I could..well maybe..hummm not so sure..this is not a good thing...my sister bought me these great new tennis shoes...Reebok tones...she got them for me because I do her and her childrens taxes..she has a pair and thinks they are great! I've worn them 4 times and they dont do a thing for me..but I couldnt tell her that..but back to the walking thing..now that I am in full tax season mode, I sit...ALOT!! add being in school at an On-Line university..and i sit A TON!!! when I do finally get up and walk..ouch! my entire body aches...I need to get up off the couch, away from the desk..I need to walk...but could I do that for an hour?? I am ashamed to say maybe no... but i want to do what you want to do...curl up with a good book and come out in the spring...i dont think i would be able to stand straight, let alone walk!